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Switch Nitra bearings use high precision steel balls on titanium coated races.  Titanium coating gives the races an increase in scratch and corrosion resistance, making its durability superior to many other metal options.  Each bearing is tested for quality and pretreated with Switch-Glide lubricant.  Set of 8 bearings.

Switch Nitra Titanium Bearing set

SKU: SB-00100
  • Your bearings are one of the most intrical components to your skateboard set up.  Keep your bearings clean and always use protective eyewear and disposable gloves while working on bearings.

    1. Remove bearings from wheels using a bearing tool or your truck axle.

    2. Use a hobby knife or needle to pry the rubber shield free.  Start on the inside of the inner race and pop the shield loose.  Take care not to bend the shield.  Doing so will damage it and it will not seal to keep debris out.

    3. Soak bearings in acetone (read acetone warnings for proper handling and use) for 30-60 seconds.  Do not soak rubber shields or apply any cleaning agent to them.  Simply wipe with a paper towel to clean them.

    4. Tap bearings on a paper towel to remove excess acetone

    5. Let bearings dry completely

    6. Apply 2 drops of Switch-Glide bearing lubrication to the ball side of the bearing.  Roll bearings slowly to get them well coated.

    7. Replace shield and reinstall bearings to wheels

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